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Grant Policy

Funding Criteria

Constellation Communities Trust Limited’s authorised purpose includes (but is not limited to):

  • promoting any amateur game or sport as a means of achieving any charitable purpose, including:

  • children and/or young person’s deriving benefits of an educational or academic nature; and/or

  • participants deriving health benefits from participation in physical activity and/or organised competitions; and/or

  • persons or organisations deriving educational or training benefits from the development of facilities.

  • promoting non-professional community health and well-being and educational activities operated by AUT Millennium and North Sport Academy; and

  • educational, cultural, health, environmental, recreational or philanthropic activities provided

  • all those activities are conducted for charitable purposes.


Priority will normally be given to applications for:

  • non-professional community health and wellbeing and educational activities operated by the

  • AUT Millennium and North Sport Academy; and

  • amateur sport where the applicant is based in the same region where Constellation Communities

  • Trust has venues and where there is a high level of public participation.

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