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Constellation Communities Trust Limited’s Authorised Purpose


Constellation Communities Trust Limited (“CCT”) wishes to make grants that reflect and recognise the ethnic composition of New Zealand and in particular, the ethnic composition of Auckland.


CCT acknowledges that the Chinese and Indian communities are a large section of the Auckland community and intends to make diverse grants, while remaining true to its desire to strongly support amateur sport.


CCT may make grants for authorised purposes as follows:

a. any charitable purpose;

b. any non-commercial purpose that is beneficial to the whole or a section of the community; and

c. promoting, controlling and conducting race meetings under the Racing Act 2003, including the payment of stakes.


The above authorised purposes include (but are not limited to):

a. promoting any amateur game or sport as a means of achieving any charitable purpose, including:

i. children and/or young persons deriving benefits of an educational or academic nature; and/or

ii. participants deriving health benefits from participation in physical activity and/or organised competitions; and/or

iii. persons or organisations deriving educational or training benefits from the development of facilities.

b. the amateur sports supported include:

i. football/soccer;

ii. rugby;

iii. netball;

iv. athletics;

v. swimming;

vi. table tennis;

vii. badminton;

viii. kabaddi;

ix. cricket;

x. hockey;

xi. basketball; and

xii. volleyball.

c. promoting non-professional community health and well-being and educational activities operated by the Millennium Institute of Sport and Health and North Sport Academy;

d. educational, cultural, health, environmental, recreational or philanthropic activities provided all those activities are conducted for charitable purposes, including:

i. support and counselling for elderly;

ii. support for new immigrants;

iii. non-profit cultural events/festivals;

iv. cultural dance including Bhangra and Gidha; and

v. education, including language classes. e. religion, including capital and running costs for gurdwaras and other places of worship.

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